Lorex Elderly Monitoring Solutions


Caring for an elderly relative can be difficult, especially when you're trying to satisfy all the competing demands of career, family, and life. Now you can stay connected with the people that matter to you most using our innovative monitoring solutions that include free remote viewing and two-way audio communication.  

Popular Elderly Monitoring Solutions:

Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Wi-Fi Cameras

Standalone Wi-Fi Cameras are an easy elderly monitoring solution. These cameras connect to your local network and record to an on-board microSD card.

pan-tilt indoor security camera


video doorbell security camera


Wire-Free Security Camera

Wire-Free Security Solutions

A Wire-Free security camera system is a user-friendly elderly monitoring solution great for those parents still living in a house.

Lorex Smart Home Security Center on Kitchen Table

Lorex Smart Home Security Center

With its touch screen interface and hands-free voice control using Lorex's own offline Voice Assistant, this center is both easy-to-use and private. Combine multiple different Wi-Fi cameras, as well as sensors, and view, manage, and control them all from Lorex's own Smart Home eco-system.

Important Elderly Monitoring Features:

installation icon
Easy Set-up
& Functionality

Our elderly solutions are designed to make monitoring easy for everyone.

mobile phone icon
Live Video
and Playback

Check in from your smartphone to ensure your family members are safe.

two-way audio icon

Communicate with your relatives through the microphone and speaker.

smart home icon
Smart Home

Hands-free control will help those with mobility issues control their cameras.

alert notifications icon

Customizable motion notifications will alert you to any movement.

high definition HD icon
Full HD

High definition streaming allows you to see all the details.

night vision icon
Night Vision

High-powered infrared lights ensure around the clock monitoring.

no monthly fees icon
No Monthly

Lorex systems and cameras record either to a hard drive or microSD card.

indoor wi-fi security camera banner

Give Yourself Peace-of-Mind

Home monitoring cameras are easy to use and full of cutting-edge features to keep you close. So there will be no more worrisome hours wondering about your elderly relatives whether you're halfway around the world or just a room away.