Smart Home

Monitor smarter. Monitor faster. Create your own Lorex smart home eco-system using our Lorex App or seamlessly integrate products with Amazon Alexa™ and Google Assistant™. Combine Smart Indoor Security Cameras, Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras, Floodlight Security Cameras, Video Doorbell Security Cameras, and Motion Sensors to achieve your perfect Smart Home Security System. Looking for both Wired and Wireless Security Cameras on the same system? Check out our Fusion Collection.  

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Smart Home Security at its Best

Lorex Smart Home Security products will add around-the-clock protection to your house and convenience to your life. We offer a wide-variety of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras, Video Doorbells, Floodlight Cameras, and Sensors.

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The Lorex App

Stay connected to your house at all time using the Lorex app - check-in anytime with free remote viewing, receive instant push notifications for motion events, and communicate through two-way audio security cameras.

Google Home & Amazon Alexa

Connect a wide-variety of smart home cameras and security recorders to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free control, making home monitoring easier than ever.

The Lorex Smart Home Security Center

Create your own personal smart home security system with the Lorex Smart Home Security Center at its core. With an easy-to-navigate touch-screen, you can quickly view and manage all of our wireless cameras and sensors in one place. Plus the LSHSC has its own internal storage, providing double back-up of events.

The Fusion Collection

The Fusion Collection is a set of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and wireless cameras that can work together through the Lorex App. This means that you can have Wi-Fi security cameras record continuously to the NVRs security-grade hard drive. This also means Wi-Fi cameras will have double back-up, as they will still record to their on-board MicroSD card as well.  

Security Sensors

Don’t forget to add some easy video-free security to your smart home with Lorex motion sensors or door/window sensors.  Simply place around your house and know the moment any sensor has been triggered. Sensors can also be linked to nearby Wi-Fi cameras to automatically activate recording.