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Welcome to Lorex! We have been providing North America with DIY home and business security products for over 30 years - now it’s your turn UK.  Select from a wide-range of products, ranging from individual wireless security cameras to professional 4K security camera systems. 

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Security made for you

With a wide-range of security cameras for home and security cameras for business, Lorex’s goal is to help you protect the people and things that matter most. 

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Capture moments that matter

Whether you’re looking to add professional grade 4K wired security cameras or easy-to-use wireless security cameras, Lorex outdoor security cameras and indoor security cameras will capture important moments (both good and bad) in crisp HD resolution.  

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Systems for any type of property

Lorex offers a variety of pre-assembled DIY security camera systems to accommodate different customer needs.  Systems typically include a security recorder and a number of compatible security cameras.  For the highest quality of security, select a wired IP security camera system or Analog security system. For easy home monitoring, perhaps a Wire-Free security camera system that uses battery-operated wireless security cameras is for you. Our award-winning Fusion Collection security systems also open up the possibility to add wireless security cameras, such as outdoor wi-fi cameras, to a recorder, which allows you to record them around-the-clock to the recorder’s hard drive. 

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Elevate your Smart Home

Lorex Smart Home security cameras, such as WiFi cameras, Video Doorbells, and Floodlight Cameras, make home monitoring easier than ever. Connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa hubs to enable simple hands-free voice commands or connect to our very own Lorex Smart Home Security Center to create your very own personal smart home security eco-system.  

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The accessories you need

Lorex also provides security accessories for both systems (such as camera extension cables, junction boxes, and security-grade hard drives) and smart home products (such as wire-free security camera batteries, solar panels, and microSD cards), to help you maximize your security set-up.  We also provide accessory security sensors for indoor locations where video recordings are unwanted or unnecessary. 

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Best Security Cameras in the UK

With over 30 years of experience in the consumer security industry, Lorex knows security. We have the best outdoor security cameras, the best Wi-Fi security cameras, the best wireless security cameras, and the best PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) security cameras on the market. With top-of-the-line technology, such as real-time 4K video resolution, Color Night Vision, Active Deterrence, Smart Motion Detection, and two-way or listen-in audio, Lorex provides the best security camera features to help you protect your home or business.