Security Camera Systems

Lorex offers a wide-range of DIY security camera systems that provide around-the-clock property protection and peace-of-mind. Choose from Wired IP Security Systems or Wire-Free Security Systems.

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The latest and Greatest Security Systems

We have the best security system for your needs - from the latest Wired IP Security Systems to easy-to-install Wire-Free Security Systems.

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DIY Home Security Systems

A home security system with cameras will add protection and peace-of-mind. Choose from a personal smart home security eco-system with the Lorex Smart Home Security Center, a security system with battery operated security cameras, or a wired 4K security system.

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Security System for Business

There are plenty of business security camera systems to choose from - whether you’re looking for an economical small business security system for your retail store or need a professional-grade 32-channel NVR security system for your office building or large facility.

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The Best Security System Features

Continuous 4K recording, easy remote viewing, unbelievable Color Night Vision, smart motion detection, Active Deterrence, listen-in audio, are just some of the features that make a Lorex Security System the best.

Wired or Wireless Security Systems?

Wired (IP and Analog) security camera systems are capable of recording the highest resolutions continuously. In a wireless security system, cameras wirelessly transmit recordings to a recorder or hub - like our Wire-Free Security Systems or Lorex Smart Home Security Center.

Best Security Camera System Reviews

Read what others are saying about Lorex video surveillance systems. We have provided customers with the highest quality DIY security camera systems on the market for over 30 years.