Lorex Video Doorbell Cameras combine both convenience and security. Get motion notifications before people arrive, answer your door from anywhere, and talk to those on the other side, all while receiving the highest quality video recording both day and night.

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Stay Connected

Video Doorbell Cameras connect through your local Wi-Fi and are managed through the Lorex Home App.

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Wired Installation

Installed using your existing doorbell wiring, Video Doorbell Cameras provide reliable wired performance.

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No Monthly Fees

Video Doorbells include local MicroSD storage that provides ample space for motion recordings without costly cloud storage services.

How to Use Video Doorbell Cameras

The Lorex Home App is where everything happens. It is where you are notified of any motion events and where you answer the door to speak with those on the other side. This versatile app also allows you to remotely access your Video Doorbell so you can easily view live video, customize settings, playback recorded motion events and more.

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Standalone Use

No other Lorex products required. Simply connect the Video Doorbell Camera to the Lorex Home App to use.

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Pair with Fusion NVRs

As part of our Fusion Collection, Video Doorbell Cameras can be added to select NVRs for continuous recording.

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Add to Lorex Smart Home Security Center

Video Doorbell Cameras can be connected to the Lorex Home Center - Lorex's own smart home security system.