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Motion and Window/Door Sensors add easy video-free security to a property. A perfect add-on for cameras or systems that use The Lorex App.


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Smart Sensor Kit with 1 Window/Door Sensor and 1 Motion Sensor
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Add-on Motion Sensor
Add-on Motion Sensor AM41TKG
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Indoor security without the video

Lorex sensors are a perfect way to add security without cameras. Simply place around the inside of your property to be notified if a sensor has been triggered.

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How to use Sensors

Connect add-on sensors to the Lorex Sensor Hub or Lorex Smart Home Security Center, which pair with the Lorex app.

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Two Types of Sensors

A Motion sensor is a small individual device designed to detect movement.  A Door/Window sensor comes with two pieces designed to activate when they are separated.

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Easily armed and disarmed

The Lorex app provides quick Home, Away, and Disarmed modes to conveniently change which sensors are active and which are not.

Link Sensors to other Lorex Cameras

The Lorex Sensor Hub is able to link with other compatible Lorex cameras using the Lorex app. This means if the sensor is triggered the linked camera will automatically start recording.

A perfect accessory

Sensors are a part of both Lorex’s Smart Home eco-system and Fusion Collection. This means they will fit right in with any other Lorex app device or system.