The importance of having a security camera that can keep a watchful eye on your property during the night can't be overstated, and we've just added a whole new dimension to night time security monitoring with Color Night Vision.

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Full Color

Take your night vision one step further with full color images in low-light conditions.

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More Detail

Color provides additional visual detail that may help identify people or objects.

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Better Contrast

A wide range of colors add further contrast for easier detection and recognition.

Color Night Vision vs Infrared Night Vision comparison
Color Night Vision vs Infrared Night Vision comparison

See The Difference, See The Details

Security cameras from Lorex use infrared LED lights around the lens to shine invisible infrared light on the scene in front of the camera. The camera sensor sees this infrared light reflected on the scenery, which allows it to construct a visible image for us to see, even in total darkness. With most infrared security cameras there is an automatic shift from full color to black and white video when lighting conditions drop at night. This is because infrared light does not fall within the color segment of the electromagnetic spectrum (this is also the reason why humans cannot see infrared light). Security cameras with Color Night Vision, however, contain especially powerful image sensors that are more sensitive to light. This allows the sensor to absorb more visible light, which allows the cameras to continue to provide color in low-light conditions.

Use CNV cameras with exterior lights

CNV security cameras are ideal for the exterior of houses or buildings with external light sources nearby. It is important to note that the Color Night Vision feature needs ambient lighting to continue to record full color images. If the lighting conditions ever drop below 1 lux (total darkness), the full color video will typically switch to black and white infrared night vision to ensure optimal low-light image quality.

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A difference maker

Color Night Vision could end up being the difference you need. The darkness of night provides extra cover for intrusions and theft. If an incident should ever occur, CNV may provide you and the authorities with critical information such as the color of clothes or the color of a car